Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Place was rocking

last evening. Frans birthday see.

Had Aimee, Carter and Matthew up for supper. Of course Enrique and Terrence stick to Aimee like glue when she is in town so they were here, though not at the same time.
Then Andrew, Stephanie and a relative from Hopedale came up for cake.

All in all a very exciting time especially for Carter who in his rush forgot he likes pup pup but is still very wary of her.

Fran wanted caribou with duff [pastry] on top and I made a very large muffin. I used my favorite red berry muffin mix but put it all in a cake pan. Came out AOK by all reports. 

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I took all the photo's with my tablet, too busy to bother with the Olympus.


Table Mountains said...

That Partridge Berry Cake looks pretty darn good to me !

Shammickite said...

Party Hearty time at Brian'n'Fran's place, wish I could have been there to sample some of the giant muffin/cake, and the caribou dinner. Hope it was a Happy Birthday, Fran! Hugs from all of us here in Stouffville!

Darren Robertson said...

Wow. The cake looks awesome! Hope it was enjoyed well.