Monday, March 26, 2012

Northern Lights

Finely have some shots of northern lights [Jonathan]. Alas I had to borrow them from nephew Andrew, who took these sans tripod up at their cabin last week in Okak Bay.

Eleven days in a wildlife filled people free peaceful paradise, how does that sound Jonathan?

I had to enhance the photos for clarity, shows up dirt on the lens, but I am sure it comes close to capturing what the eye experienced.

The bear paw print photo is untouched, mom and a very young baby not long out of the den. They took a stroll past and headed off unharmed.

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Shammickite said...

Great pictures, Andrew!

Magnetic Island Artist Edward Blum. said...

Thank you for sharing your beautiful world. I have never seen snow. The Northern lights are like a dream. You give so much warmth to your blog, and life you live. Your cooking everthing about your blog is amazing!!!!!!! Greetings from Australia.