Thursday, March 15, 2012

Another spring like day yesterday, up to -12 and the sun was bouncing off the snow making it feel warmer when walking.

Back in September 2010 I posted about this nice husky a neighbor had and our adventures. Well Amaruk is still alive, but has not been as fortunate as Siutik, to my way of thinking any way.

Amaruk is tied up outside 24/7, which is what is the norm for huskies here, but she always looks underfed and has had at least three litters of pups.

We still interact very well when I stop by, she nuzzles her head into me while I scratch and pat her and say comforting words to here.

Her five pups from recent litter were out soaking up the rays yesterday so I took some pics. As usual there is always one pup who is more curious than the others, the black one was out chewing on my foot and following me around while the others were more comfortable staying back in a protective huddle.

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Anonymous said...

That poor dog! She looks half starved. Too bad all the dogs cannot live the life of Siutik. I wonder what the life expectancy is for the average dog living in the conditions you describe.
Lynne in St. Catharines.

Brian said...

Not long for sure. Shame is right, I and some others drop food off for her at times. But one has to be cognizant of the local way, even if it does seem cruel.

It is not that she is not fed, just irregular and maybe not enough, the owner sometimes does not have for for herself.