Monday, September 10, 2012

The boat mentioned previous post is at the dock this morning. Arctic Tern out of Waymouth UK she be.

The winds are gusting to 52 from the west and it is balmy for sure. Very busy down the airstrip with scheds and charters to Hopedale.

Today is the day that the Assembly Building for the Nunatsiavut Government is to be officially opened. It has been awhile coming what with building delays, then the water freeze up situation in Hopedale put it back a further several months.

                                                                  Photo by Air Labrador.
Fran has gone seeing as she is a former president of the NG predecessor LIA.

You wont see anything about the openingin the regional media, you see there is a storm coming to the Hisland and all forces are dispatched on that.

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She's from north Wales