Saturday, September 01, 2012

Mushrooms abound among the berries.

In the strange category: If you enter flaky et sont nain de into Google the #1 hit is

In the 'we know' category:  

Below is taken from our Daughters Facebook page.

Spoke to this Newfoundlander today about the last three days he spent in Nain. He said, " I was terrified to come here,cause of what I see on Here and Now. But you know what. It's best kind here! Everyone is friendly,helpful and happy! Better than down home!" 

We get this a lot from visitors to Nain and the coast in general, but especially from residents of the Island portion of the province and people who have traveled through the Island before heading to Labrador.

Says a lot about CBC in general and Here & Now in particular and their coverage of Labrador but specifically the coastal areas.  

As manager of the only hotel in Nain our daughter meets lots of people from all over.

What a magic morning: sun sun and more sun.

Made up some crepes for breakfast, the mix your own from scratch type and thin. 

Tried three types of filling; traditional french with lemon and sugar, fresh blue berries and lastly bake apple jam.

The taste test winner.

Would have loved to have some sauteed mushrom s on one too, alas don't know enough about them to risk it. 

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