Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Of tears and sensible country food regulations

and ships that are not maintained correctly and feeding ones family.

Well the tears did not run literally.  When in Northern yesterday I purchased one red onion. At the check out the price came up at $3:18. Hmm I said to self.

So we left the store and headed up to BigLand. Red onions at that store too ( I must mention that the produce and fresh fruit section at BigLand has regressed 15 years, terrible it is) so I purchased one for comparison.

Comparison is: Northern red onions at $6:99 a Kg.  BigLand red onions at $3:49 a Kg. That should get the creative excuses juices going by the manager.

After all that I forgot to put slices of red onion on my lunch sandwich, but it was still good, ham and chicken with mustard mayo, home grown lettuce on home made multi-grain bread.

Further on the food theme, a courage's woman up in Iqaluit has drawn attention from southern social media for her advocacy on food prices.

The onion on the left cost $3:18, one on right cost $2:29. No biggy in the big picture of feeding ones family, but just another example of pricing differentials on food that is covered under the NNC program.

I borrowed the following photographs from a twitter post.

Country food store in Nuuk Greenland. Seal meat, fish and other unknowns.

What a contrast to how county food and its sale and distribution is handled in Canada in General and this province in particular.
There is no way a store such as this could operate here under all the Federal, provincial and now Nunatsiavut regulations. (Nunatsiavut regulations being overridden by the the other two regulators by the way).

One the subject of slabs of meat, this release by the Provincial Government just underlines the neglect Governments have paid to marine shipping on the coast of Labrador.


Darren Robertson said...

Oh brother. Good Luck finding a quick replacement. There are not many Canada Ice classed ferries lounging around the market these days. Most are out of class and elderly non-ice rated. Their best bet would to be try borrowing one from an already operating line.

Mamun said...

Very nice post. I not only discovered your blog, I feel like I 'got to know you'. Good luck in the challenge.

country cooking

hopewellwoodwork said...

If only I could airmail you a package... Red onions, feta,chocolate ( Swiss of course) when I come up next I'll get a shopping list from you before I head up to the land of bigland. I made a tortilla casserole with green tomatillo salsa, shredded checken and black beans. Layered 3 deep.
Turned out rather will I thought.

Brian said...

Thanks for your thoughts hopewell J.
As you know its just me bitching about the inequities of life, we do not badly in the big scheme of things at the table.

Id like to try something like your tortilla casserole, alas Fran is not keen on black beans, meat without bones and spicy stuff, so have to wait for your next visit eh?