Saturday, September 08, 2012

The Abagail Grace returned to port yesterday. Not for refreshment refill, though that was a priority and a bonus for the crew, no, she was towing another vessel that had broken down.

 Being towed was the Newfoundland Mariner with major mechanical problems.

The tow has been 390 miles to date (which puts them up near Greenland), they have another 900 odd miles to go to the Hiland Newfoundland.

The Grace is full of turbot too, the Mariner not so as she just got back from off loading in Makkovik when the incident hit.

Unconfirmed yet but word is that a woman was mauled by a black bear in town yesterday, had to be medi vaced out.
Middle of the day too.

Incidentally two bears were put down the previous evening down near the town dump.many sightings of bear this past couple of weeks, has people on edge especially those wanting to go berry picking.

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