Tuesday, September 18, 2012

We were accosted greeted again outside Northern this morning. This time by a very excited and friendly lady (one of three) who asked if I was Brian, and are you Fran.

I don't know why but she was excited to run into the author of this blog, said the town and surrounding area is just like I depict it in my photos and writing. Said she reads it all the time from Kingston, the other ladies were from NY and some place I forget.

The three are part of a group going into a tourism camp set up inside Nain over near the Quebec border, mainly a photographers tour I believe

After almost two days of RDF things cleared enough for planes to get in late yesterday afternoon.

Things are not going very well with the plan to plane people up the coast in lieu of marine ferry. The fact that weather plays a role in when planes fly adds to the failed effort.

Many reports of people being told that the flights flight is booked, put you on the waiting list.

As mentioned before this will all come out in the wash, meantime turmoil persists. 

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Pamela Williams said...

this is something for the books eh! Notoriety from blogging, and found by tourists in your home town. Amazing stuff. Will tell the mother about this one!!