Thursday, September 13, 2012

I have been holding off on further comments on the plight of the Norther Ranger, or more precisely the plight of the people of the North Coast and Black Tickle.

Official unofficial word is now out that the search for a replacement vessel for the remainder of the shipping season has been abandoned by the provincial government. No surprise there for those that follow these things. The unofficial word comes from the member for Torngat Mountains Randy Edmunds.

Supposedly the government is going to fly any passengers booked on the Ranger to and from the coast. No word about all the freight that the Ranger carries this time of year, sure puts people in a quandary. The Astron is battling to keep pace with her normal freight business,  in past years the Bond has been brought in to handle the back load.
And by accounts the Bond is still in dry dock getting extra ballas put in her.

And no one knows how this flights for marine fare will work out, bloody logistical nightmare I would think.

Any way have a listen to this interview with Tom Hedderson the WST minister from back on Sept 7.

Be sure to read the comments section on the interview.

I am sure he said news on a replacement vessel should be announced early as possible, like in days.

Just like all the other untruths the guy sprouts, not only on the Northern Ranger but on the paving of the Labrador Highway.
Very little has been done on both ends, and why, well most likely the fact that the contractor doing the job was hauled off to re pave the airstrip at Churchill Falls. Only a coincidence that the minister drove from Lab City to Churchill Falls to catch a plane back to the center of the universe just couple weeks back.

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