Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Anyone seeing a pattern developing

with the marine transport to the North Coast of Labrador?

The Northern Ranger is delayed once again (third week in a row) with undisclosed mechanical failure.

Each week the delay gets longer, this time she is at least 24 hours late departing Goose Bay.

Seems the passengers were left on board while boat at dock last evening. One trouble with that is many people who get off at Rigolet (the first stop) would be in the lounge area with no berths booked.

With each delay the boat steams all day and night to make up time, with an aging boat that does not seem like a very sensible strategy.

Another pattern forming is the increasing presence of black bears in the area.

For some time now there have been several down the dump way, people go down in vehicles at night to try spot them. Occasionally they are spotted up on Nain hill (the other side from the dump) and occasionally up behind hoiuses in the new subdivision.

Last evening one was spotted in among houses on the road just west and below our house. Then we had a message left that two bears were up behind our house around 7:30 this morning.

The pattern has formed on the Northern Ranger: latest update @ 1pm today is-
MV Northern Ranger (Passenger and Freight)
Tuesday, Sept. 4th.

 Due to a mechanical problem MV RANGER will be out for an indefinite time.  Updates will be orovided as soon as they are provided by the Technician.  

And an update from CBC twitter: 
CAI Nunatsaivut says passengers will be flown on charter flights because of a major mechanical problem with the Northern Range.

More twitter:
 Peter Cowan
CAI Nunatsiavut looking at a replacement ship for the Ranger, at least a week, in the mean time planes will replace ferry services

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