Monday, September 10, 2012

Well I did say unconfirmed: Seems my info on the alleged bear mauling was up the creek, always wary of scuttlebutt but the source is usually reliable. Alleged victim was ridding around on back of an ATV yesterday looking undamaged. Best I can ascertain is something happened between an animal and an ATV but no mauling.

Nice yacht hauled to over the south side of harbor yesterday, in out of the forecasted winds I guess.

Took this long shot of the turbot boats at dock, plus the two local boats on the left. They are the work boats for the Torngats park, transporting supplies and people to and from Nain and doing odd transport jobs from the base camp and to and from the airstrip at Saglak.
Rather a quite season for them this year, the base camp now has three faster moving boats of their own, plus they had some high end visitors in big boats and some with their own helicopters.

Very unsettled weather, yesterday a very fast moving warm front brought ever changing conditions throughout the day. It is mostly clear this morning but winds are up.

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