Wednesday, February 22, 2012

While on the walking theme.

I small group [five] of Innu arrived in Nain Monday night creating much speculation among many citizens.
Not to worry, the spirits of kindness and giving were in the wind.

The Innu were here to start a walk back to Natuashish to honor the life of Burton Winters. Also in support of the "Burton Winters Rescue Center in Labrador" Facebook site.

For those not familiar, this Facebook site was set up to support changes to Search and Rescue operations in the province focusing on a full search and rescue squadron based in Labrador.

The site has almost 33, 500 signed up and people are organizing vigils and protests and letter writing campaigns and petitions.

It is obvious to all that improvements in the present SAR system, as well as a review of the protocols used are in dire need of upgrades. Not just the air born federal SAR system but the Provincial Ground Search and Rescue [GSAR] and how the two interact.

While there is great excitement on the Facebook site with many good intentioned folk, I would be hesitant to expect change any time soon.

It has been 20 years since the 'Ocean Ranger ' sinking and a couple of years since the Cougar crash, all with multiple loss of life.

There have been two inquiries stemming from those disasters with many recommendations for improving SAR in the region.

It could be argued that instead of improvements the SAR coverage and equipment have been left dormant or even downgraded in the intervening years. The people of Labrador sure think so.

The photos I took from Okalakatiget Society Facebook, I did some editing for clarity but may have overcompensated with the bottom one.

Meanwhile much excitement in the hacienda last evening with Carter, his Mom and Uncle up for some fresh char [thank you Jim] and red berry muffins.

Carter was very wary of Siutik at first with Siutik being very gentle and patient. Carter did come around towards the end but I think Siutik was pushing the envelop a bit when she took Carters cookie out of his hands.

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Darren Robertson said...

Bring back the Labradors I say. They can still be ordered:

Brian said...

Not a bad idea for the Province to look at.
By all accounts they are the lead on Ground SAR, contracting small private ill equipped choppers just does not cut the mustard.
When not used for GSAR they could ferry polis around[said tongue in cheek].