Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Noah Nockasak

and Jerry Kobelenko are off and running on their trek to George River.Well not literally running, more like a very slow jaunt.

The first hill on the way out of town they both took one sled to the top then went back for the second sled. Makes sense to share the heavy going and conserve energy.

Before civilization is left behind things will be a little chaotic as people stop to say Hi or shake their hands.

The road [trail] should be nice and hard [being packed down by ski doo travel] for some kilometers. Then the hard work begins. .
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Anonymous said...

Who is Jerry? Is he from Nain? His name does not sound familiar. See you in July! Rick and Karen,

ViewPoint2010 said...

Brian, your piece makes me realize more than before the courage of these men to begin this trek. May the force be with them!

Brian said...

Rick, Jerry is from Alberta, you can find a link to him on one of the posts or Google him. Is an old hand adventuring in Labrador but does not put any emphasis on the people or culture, more about him me and I.

Yes VP, must take a special courage, one that has been lost for most of us.
Then people up here do what some would say are courage's things every day going out on the land wooding and hunting in this environment.
Maybe a different type of courage, not to the extreme of these two.