Tuesday, February 07, 2012

For anyone looking to learn a little bit Inuktitut this site seems like a likely place. Quite comprehensive to my untrained eye.

The downside is if you wanted to learn the Labrador dialect, afraid you would have to look elsewhere, maybe some CD-ROMs from the Rosetta people at the Torngnasok Cultural Center, stranger things have happened.

I have been looking for a press release from NG regards the announcement last week of the Air Labrador/ NGC buy in, buy out or whatever.

As usual NG are slow on the uptake updating there site. I did find something here though that about covers it and lots more.

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The Pathfinder said...

Quite interesting acquisition by NGC. Yet they are still a company tied doggedly to the venerable Twotter. Leaving a cavernous gap in lacking air capacity in the region.