Wednesday, February 29, 2012

More from the bakery/deli. Some nice cheese and chicken and roast beef and mustard and tomato on a still warm rye/whole-wheat/buckwheat roll. Just saying.

Some weird effects photo editing too.

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Mainly nice day yesterday but the wind came up later lowering the wind chills to the -30 range.

A bunch of folk, including the nephew headed north to Okak Bay and Hebron yesterday.

The main mission it to try find caribou but the nephew’s mission is to get back to the land for a few days.

It does sound strange when you think about it. Someone who spends a good part of their time hunting and wooding miles from town then is hankering to get back to the land.

But that is the Inuit mind set, no matter how the white guy attempts [with increasing success] to assimilate people here there will always be people like the nephew [there are many others] who resist in their own ways.

Which reminds me of my favorite phrase: “Just because you have silenced me does not mean you have converted me”.

So the weather is projected to be nice and sunny and cold for the 3 to 4 days the folks are scheduled to be gone.

Some people involved in the upcoming ski doo race Cain's Quest were in town Sunday/Monday. They had stopped over in Hopedale prior to getting here. 

Plus a report on Noah Nochasak confirms most of what I was speculating in earlier posts.

Good oh CKOK comes through at times when outside  media are busy with other stuff.

Noah's assertion that getting up through the Pearly Gates was "not that bad" is the height of understatement I would guess.
One hell of a climb through a gorge and snow and ice depending on the weather of the time.

Breathtakingly beautiful out there.

When I say breathtaking I don’t mean the beauty, I mean the freaking cold wind.
The trail groomer did a couple of cuts by the side of the ball field, what is usually soft’ish deep snow is now like walking on hollow concrete.

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hopewellwoodwork said...

"You can take the man out of the counter ( woods, land...)
But you can't take the country ou of the man."

I grew up in rural NH, had to move to the city that I hated for 23 years, now back to the farm, part time. I'm so much happier. It is my firm belief this phrase is correct