Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Well Fran got away on one of the afternoon flights. It looked iffy all day with snow squalls moving in most of the day. Cleared off for the most part about 2'ish.

I had quite the work out on the banjo, still more twanging to do but the oh back was protesting so rested it up until the next session today.

Siutik had a ball in all that fresh snow. Took these just after coming back from a short run with her [me on ski doo]. Likes to cool down buy rolling and burying in the snow.

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Late last week and over the weekend there have been some successful hunts here. A polar bear was taken [one of the legal permits]. A group of people headed up north looking for caribou, some sign but only one kill.

In Hopedale a group of folks went inland but with no luck. They had a hard time with the snow falling and got ski doos stuck in the deep snow, I'm talking buried.

I'd like to say hi to whoever in Tartu Estonia, thanks for dropping buy on regular basis.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for all of your interesting news from the Labrador coast.
Attached is a link of a young banjo player, someone just sent me which may be of interest.

Hope you have an easy winter as we are having in Toronto.