Friday, February 03, 2012

My version of Sukiyaki in the making.I used a big ass T bone sliced into thin slices. Fran quipped at the table, "it's a wonder Asians don't starve eating rice all the time".

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I am very emotional at the moment what with the two tragedies this past week.

There has not been a peep out of anyone, except for this,  regards the young women's death here last weekend.

Now the tragic ending to the search in Makkovik is all over the media and social networking.
I am not discriminating, just pointing out the obvious contrasts.

The emotions and sorrow the families involved in both instances are feeling I can only imagine.

As well, the searchers and recovery teams in Makkovik have to be going through some very rough times, I hope they can receive a debrief. Fran says they help her immensely as a volunteer with the crises response team here.

Further to the Makkovik tragedy; the fallout has started in regards the response or rather late response from the air search and rescue units in the province, and rightly so.
The call went out Sunday night to the Coast Guard, no units responded until Tuesday afternoon, the boys body was found Wednesday..

It is worth a look at the picture of the abandoned snowmobile on the CBC NL web site, if only to get an idea of the conditions that the boy, and then the ground searchers had to deal with.
I have not seen ice conditions like that around this area for many years, talk about hard on the body when on ski doo.
Also is the fact the ice around Makkovik was not last fast makes it more dangerous, especially in less than ideal light.


Shammickite said...

19k from where he abandoned the snowmobile? In those terrible conditions? It's very hard to imagine that he could have got that far. My heart goes out to his family and the family of the young woman you mentioned.

Sabrina said...

Thank you for sharing on this topic. Haven't said much about it myself but has influenced us over here too. Tragic indeed, seems there is a great need for communities to pull together these days....