Thursday, February 23, 2012

 Some pictures I took A compendium of photographs of Carters visit to the house on Tuesday evening. It was his first visit since starting to walk.
Fran thought she had all the electronics buttons protected but Carter had other ideas on that.

Siutik was very patient and held back for the most part until Carter became more comfortable.
While eating a cooky Siutik sauntered up and gently took it out of Carters hand witch flummoxed Carter a bit.

Amazing really that parents now days can whip out  I Pads so their children can watch their favorite TV shows at the table. Not sure what I think of that, whatever works I guess and who knows what amazing things are in store for Carters generation. For sure it is better to not be denied the electronic wonders.

Photos taken by Galaxy Tab.

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I mini controversy has erupted for the grade 8 students at Jens Haven Memorial. {the audio is worth a listen to}
A controversy of Parks Canada's doing to my mind. Seems like due diligence was not applied when setting up the voting criteria and selecting a secure voting protocol, or whatever the techno terminology is.

Now by trying to be fair to all the schools in the contest they have marginalized the smaller schools like JHMS and made it next to impossible to win the contest, or has it?

I for one new the contest was under way but paied little heed to it, I am no fan of Parks Canada and it's modus operandi, especially in this area.

Any way when this change in voting and setting back the votes to zero happened then bells and whistle started zinging and I got to work on social media alerting as many as I could of the unfairness of this decision.

I even went to the trouble of registering 5 times and voting 5 times in a short time frame. Nice to have all those dormant e mails sitting there at times like this.

Not sure how it will work out, but I do know that Parks Canada's name is tarnished in this area, or it should be. Knowing them it is nothing that throwing more dollars at cant fix.

And by the looks of things I am not the only one with a bug up the arse about this, as I write JHMS is way ahead {again} of the two second place schools with over 1,200 votes.

Help in the cause by taking a little time and going to the MyParksPass site and vote for Jens Haven Memorial School..


Anonymous said...

The parks canada contest is also unfair because it doesn't include transportation to the nearest major airport for the winners (it's in the rules). Schools in remote areas might not be able to afford the costs of getting a whole class to a MAJOR airport.

Mechtild Opel said...

Just voted, and it looks not to bad now, with 2774 votes