Tuesday, February 21, 2012

We don't do processed food that often. The way I was raised, and the place I was raised I guess, and if Fran had her way we would be eating country food 24 seven. Or so she says but I know different.

This little number contained a small piece of medium rare t/bone, pork medallions braided in beer and the vegetables you see, portobello and button mushrooms. The spuds were crunchy and crisp on the outside and white and fluffy and soft inside.
Fran had another portion of the t/bone with some left over, humungous they are.

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Another great day yesterday, winds a little strong from the NW, -10 means with chills up to -18. Kind of strange to say but the wind chills have a warm feel to them, very puzzling.

While Siutik and I took a walk Fran attended another research project strategy meeting in a community advisory role.
This time something to do with unions, self government, IBA's and Voisey's Bay mine.There was a public meeting last evening on the same topic.
Despite the silence all is not that rosy posy over at the mine. Like I always say "You have not converted a person because you have silenced them".

Seems Noah Nochasak and Co did not get away yesterday, latest departure date is today. 

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