Saturday, February 11, 2012

Great, something to look forward to for the weekend, Blizzard warning in effect. And you thought -28 mean and -41 wind chill at moment was harsh enough.

Are there changes in way things are done in the offing? Is there hope for democracy and equality?

I wont count my chickens but what has happened over the last several days in the wake of the Burton Winters tragedy gives one a little ray of hope.
People have come together in protests/vigils, comments to media stories, social media, any way they can.

The premier looked a little uncertain when joining in with the outrage and putting all the blame on the Feds. Seems convenient to ignore the fact that the province has the lead on ground search and rescue co ordination.

Peter Penashue looked really numb struck when addressing protesters in Goose Bay. He waffled and finagled and just succeeded in showing how little a puppet he is in the grand scheme of PC politics.

Then there is a Facebook site up called The Burton Winters' Rescue Center IN Labrador

In a very short time there are 3,385 members, if that don't put the Willy's up the political class I don't know what would.

I hope Pee Vee does not mind, I would like to post the aims of the groups creators.  

The goal of this group is not to express our political beliefs other than to advocate for change; so this never happens again. Our goal is to get a SAR Center in Labrador, the focus can be shifted from that quite easily and the intent of the group lost, if we digress from this. This is not being done to incite anger against one another or use this as a forum to persuade others that one side or the other of a political opinion is right or wrong. Please understand, that we are honoring Burton and his memory, out of respect for that, this commentary will be removed, please understand this is not being done to censor your freedom of speech in expressing your political opinion; you are welcome to do that else where on a forum set up for that purpose. We want to be taken seriously, we want our goal met! Support can be given to meet this goal without expressing which "side" we are on. WE are uniting here, the one place we can meet where all of our differences melt away and we can stand together in a purpose that unites us. This will be done to keep the goal clear and unhindered; and not to provide a forum for debate. We welcome all posts that reflect the goal of this group to get a SAR Center in Labrador. We would not want to discourage anybody from joining our group because they feel differently than someone else who has their political views posted. Thank you for your support. Posts that are derogatory in nature will be removed.

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