Monday, February 20, 2012

Big oh surprise yesterday.

Long story short; Siutik and I were walking back from Northern Point towards the turn off to the airstrip when Stephanie drove down in the hotel truck.

She parked the truck outside the airport building so we wandered down to see what was on the go.
Steph was there to pickup some hotel guests, while we chatted Air Labrador came into sight and landed.
Stephanie said that Carters dad [Sheldon] was the first officer.

It’s always good to see family so we wandered down to the plane. It’s the first officer’s role to unload baggage and fright so when Sheldon jumped up into the cargo hold I moved forward to help put the luggage and freight on the ground.

Sheldon looked behind me and said “hi Carter”.
I think, that seems weird, and looked over my shoulder, low and behold there is Carter in the arms of grandma Steph with mom Aimee and big grin behind them.

Aimee loves to do these surprise visits; this one was pulled off very well. By the time I arrived home Fran had the call and was out the door in a matter of minutes to go visit the little man.

Photo is of Greek yogurt, red berries, banana drenched in honey. No olive tree honey these parts so Canada #1 will suffice.

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With warming temperatures the urge to walk seems to be in the air:

Noah Nochasak and his buddy head out today for Northern Quebec [to the best of my knowledge].

Giant Andrew will begin another of his walks promoting healthy and traditional life styles on Wednesday. Giant and about 40 others will finish their walk in Nain this year.

And another Innu, a doctor, is also doing a walk with similar objectives.

Wow what a day out there:  Any way thought I would share this with you as I know how you all are very keen on hearing anything about Nutrition North Canada and it's ineptitude.

Interesting the article mentions representatives from Newfoundland and Labrador were co signers.

That is a puzzle, could be insufficient research done or something else. Strange that Nunatsiavut Government did not warrant a mention seeing as all the communities served by the NNC program in Labrador are within Nunatsiavut land.and NG has a representative on the advisory board of NNC.

Wow and Wow: Things move fast when you get people who give a shit.

In answer to my query sent to author of the post on NNC linked above, I not only had a direct message but also a reply in the comments section, and in a matter of minutes. God darn.

Further to Wow and Wow: CBC now has the story up, On the Go radio just had Randy Edmund's MHA for Torngat mountains in an interview on why he signed the letter to the Feds.

Not surprisingly no word or interview with officials from the Nunatsiavut Government nor the Provincial Government.

Now the province could scramble up a half arsed almost credible excuse that it is not their bailiwick.

Not so NG officials, there is just no excuse for their non involvement in this file, no at all.


The Pathfinder said...

I was eying some of that Greek style yougart a few weeks ago. And wondered what makes it different from my usual yougarts. I am very picky about

Brian said...

The usual yogurt up here has all the cream and goodness taken out of it. Plain ordinary yogurt is yuck.
Greek yogurt retains lots of the cream and good non healthy stuff.

The brand I have has 20% fat of daily value. 41% trans of daily value, 30% calcium of daily value.

So depending if your eating it for healthy reasons I guess.

I eat it because I like it [Greek].