Thursday, February 09, 2012

Big muver of a pork chop lightly smoked and finished off in oven with a nice coleslaw and some sort of sweet & sour baked spuds.

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We are into some cooling weather pattern with more to come in next week. Down around the -28 to -30's it seems, without the wind.

For what it is worth: Yesterday DND had the results of their review of the response times of their SAR ops in the tragic event in Makkovik last week.

A rather quick review and the results should not surprise anyone. It's not like they were going to say we screwed this one up boys.

But reading and listening to the three people who gave the press interview they actually did say major [all be it unintentionally] screw ups had taken place.

Two Griffons in Goose Bay out of service. Three Cormorants in Gander did not get a mention. High tech equipped SAR airplanes that have to have more than marginal weather to fly.

It is not the fault of the people who crew and dispatch these aircraft, it is the fault of cut backs in dollars and personal and lack of  first grade equipment.

These cut backs and repositioning's have been relaid to all and sundry over the last couple of years, yet people don't seem to listen.

When a tragedy happens people react, in many cases rightly so. But in the meantime whomever the movers and shakers are do nothing to put the adequate equipment and personal in place, that is where the responsibility lays.

I am for the most part apolitical [just saying] but I find this post at Bond Papers resonates with me on the topic of Search And Rescue services [or lack of] and the Makkovik debacle in particular.

I also draw attention the MHA for the area, Randy is the only politician in Labrador who uses social media to get points across and to deal with issues that are important to his constituents.

Sure the member in Ottawa uses Twitter, but just to point out all the perceived important people he shakes hands with and the free luncheons etc he attends.

A big presence in the big land.

Maybe, they sure have some catching up to do after years of neglect. And I cant wait for the day all this research translate into programs and services and social and health programs that meet the needs of the people.


Anonymous said...

No money for S.& R. but lots for CISIS to torture some poor SOB who may or may not be a terrorist! Sure gives an idea as to where the government priorities stand! Keep on agitating Brian. Lynne in St. Catharines.

Shammickite said...

Lots of people up in arms regarding the rescue response to this tragedy, or rather the lack of timely response. I've been reading the comments to the rear admiral's statements. I'm sure the local community is supporting the family in this.