Monday, February 13, 2012

The blizzard warning is still in effect. As blizzards go it has been no biggy, not that much accumulation and the wind has not been that bad, up to 65 clicks early this morning.

We had turkey dinner at the Atsanik Lodge last evening. I booked in for the two of us seeing as Fran [weather permitting] would be out of town Tuesday.
A nice bottle of French wine, only the two of us at the front of the dinning room, may not have looked romantic Andrew but we enjoyed the evening. When the hotel guests had left the dinning room we had a good chat and some after dinner drinks with the weekend manager, very enjoyable.
We even enjoyed the walk home in light swirling snow.

As mentioned Fran is due to leave this afternoon for Goose Bay. She is to be one of the guest speakers at an provincial Aboriginal women's conference. The theme is "The Path to the Good Life-Strong Women, Strong Communities through Culture"
Frans presentation will be on Wednesday morning on  Our Struggle to Retain our Culture and our Language - Inuttitut” 

Struggle indeed. 


Pamela Williams said...

Nice sounding dinner. How sweet you are still thinking about Valentine's Day!
Hope Fran gives a good presentation.

On another note entirely, have been seeing a few husky dogs around of late. Obviously the breed is popular - the one we saw this morning in Hornsby was a nice pale colour with caramel colour highlights.

Strikes me as cruel to keep such dogs in our climate. Not that we have had much of a summer this year, but we still have humidity.

Brian said...

Yes, very sweet, Andrew commented on Twitter how he sensed the romance.

There was a husky pup here couple weeks ago that a couple 'rescued' from the street [shades of Siutik], he was caramel and white, nice looking dog except for the blue eyes [devil eyes some people here call them].

I wonder if breeding can acclimatize them for warmer climates?