Saturday, February 18, 2012

It's not Delissio

but it sure is delic i o.

Thin multi grain crust. Toppings of cauliflower, zucchini, peppers, caramelized onion, peperoni three cheeses on one. The other same plus portable and button mushrooms and smoked sausage on the other.

Accompanied by a nice Argentinian Malbec made for a very present meal indeed.
The wine was in care package given to Fran in GB, along with some fresh Medjool dates and natural peanut butter.

Incidentally the dates went well with some of the Greek yogurt that I purchased at Northern yesterday. From memory that is only the second or third time I have seen Greek yogurt here.

Coincidentally just this week some people from south were twittering about Greek yogurt and their favorites available in large and small cities. I mentioned my memories of Greek yogurt in Greece and the fact I have not had the pleasure for some time.Two days later there it is. Greek yogurt and olive wood honey, should I dare wish.

Fran and I spent almost two hours on the phone yesterday morning with a researcher from NARHO who is doing work on food security in Northern communities.

My focus was on , but not limited to, the small greenhouse and raised bed that produces limited amounts of greens and herbs most years. Not without a lot of work and frustrations with weather and the like, all of which was discussed.
Fran spoke to the traditional country foods and the changes that have taken place in the environment, animal migrations,development, economical evolution and the like.

Of course I took the opportunity to put the knock on NNC and its failure to meet its stated mandate of working with and consulting consumers.

Meanwhile out on the land polar bears are going down like ten pins.

I am just thinking aloud here, wondering how much the economy of the area would benefit from a licensed polar bear sports hunt.

The meat would stay in the communities but the return on the hide and the ancillary expenditures on travel, guiding, accommodations etc would be substantially more than the present hunt. Not sure what the down side would be factoring in that the bears are going to be shot anyway.

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