Saturday, February 04, 2012

What a beautiful day yesterday, calm, sunny and up to -15. Looking good for the next several days too.

The bloke in the center of the picture below is one Sean Lyall of the Nain Lyall's. I have no idea who the other blokes are but assume they are in the music loud noise business.

Sean is in Montreal on his dream trip of a lifetime.

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I can assure everybody that the flag in the picture is not the one that was missing at the opening ceremonies of the NL2012 the other day.wink wink nudge nudge. 

Some rather big announcements at the NL2012 yesterday too.

One will/should impact the people of Nunatsiavut and Labrador more than the other, non the less encouraging stuff.

Both involve airlines, the first is the biggy [audio] from Nunatsiauvut perspective. The second is more regional and international.

Lets hope that in time the good folks of Nunatsiavut can see some benefits from this Air Lab-NG deal and not just airline and business interest.
Some special weekend deals that fly out Friday return Monday sort of thing. Perhaps some integration of freight to the coast from Goose Bay that will help reduce the high cost of goods ordered from outside and within Labrador.

I don't foresee that this deal will go the way the marine deal did this past summer. Air Lab is a private well run business, and the Government of NL is not involved, or I hope not.


mealyman said...

Megadeth, music of my youth :). Second guy from the left is Dave Mustaine, the original singer for Metallica. Cool pic !

Sean Lyall said...

I'm having the best time. Goin lookin' fer a frosty glass now to once. Lost my voice though from singing and yellin.

Sabrina said...

Hadn't heard that the Nunatsiavut flag wasn't at NL2012. Have two page spread of schedule of events in paper here and noted several sessions sponsored by NG/Nunatsiavut Group of Companies and only assumed it would well represented...I'm sure corrected though after noted.