Thursday, February 02, 2012

Cherry smoked pork loin chop, three veggie mash with warm cabbage slaw.

Then a collage of Carter and his mom and dad having the time out in the snow banks of Goose Bay.

There is a northern trade show on the go in Ottawa at the moment called Northern Lights 2012.

Nunatsiavut has some representation in the form of entertainers, I am not sure of the full extent Nunatsiavut has at the event.

But yesterday afternoon at the minister of healths speech two reporters from Nunavut tweeted that the Nunatsiavut Flag was missing.

At first I took that to mean that is was stolen, but no, it meant that the flag was not present along with the other flags at the opening event.

Further tweets established that the flags of Ontario, Canada, NL, Quebec and Nunavut were on display, but no Nunatsiavut flag.

Sort of curious I thought, seeing as Nunatsiavut has self government, just as Nunavut has. I am wondering if an oversight has occurred or perhaps some protocol is in play, or politics or money issues.

No biggie but sometimes it is the little things that say a lot.

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Old Brooktrout said...

There have been some very sad events in Labrador the last week, and my thoughts and prayers go out to the families who have lost their children.

On the topic of flags, I wonder if there is some protocol about only flying the flags of provinces or territories. Seems kind of weird.

I hope you will be posting about the near hospital screw-ups.

Brian said...

There will be follow up on health for sure, specially after the bastards tried to shut T and I down when we made separate representations on similar last year.