Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Some nice red berry muffins that went down well last week, one a day with mid morning coffee. It's been awhile but I think they are better than Tim's.

The open sandwich, well when I posted it on Facebook it garnered lots of thumbs up and comments. If I was entrepreneurial I would start up a delivery deli service. Sandwich was left over prime rib/avocado tomato relish on lettuce atop multi grain bread.

Clear crisp morning -25 mean with light winds. Good traveling day I would think. Nephew Andrew is heading up north with 3 friends, to Okak Bay area to be precise for several days, we are to dog site for him. Herman is one saucy lovable cracky, Fran not overly keen but we should manage.

If any one has a spare moment take a look at  this presentation to the Northern Gateway pipeline joint review panel by the son of an oil executive.
Very profound stuff, in my encapsulated jargon it would come out; there is little correlation between intelligence and common sense in this world.

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MargaretJ said...

Great looking sandwiches. If you were so inclined, you could open a take-out

Brian said...

If one was younger perhaps.