Friday, February 17, 2012

The past two nights could not have been more like chalk and cheese.

As mentioned Wednesday night was noisy as hell with dead from the neck ups.

Last night was total quietness, no fast noisy machines, more like it should be in a small remote northern community.

And the weather yesterday, it was amazing. Up to -12 and sunshine sparkling off the snow. Took a walk on the ice for an hour, picked Fran up at airstrip, the rigors of the last several days were playing havoc with the old bod, the nice rest last evening has paid off.

Noah Nochasak is heading out on his latest walking adventure on Monday. Over 550 k to Kangiqsualujjuaq [George River] in Quebec.
This time Noah wont be alone, consummate traveler and self promoter Jerry Kobalenko will be tagging along.

I wish them Bon-voyage and safe travels.

Update: I neglected to mention, and thought perhaps I should; some interesting hits from some interesting places of late. Had a Google  search  hit "Sedna (she down there)" from Roswell New Mexico. Then another with same search criteria from Corner Brook. Eerie or what?

So if I am disappeared I will be having coffee and doughnuts with President Eisenhower.

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