Monday, February 27, 2012

Feels like -32 out there, don’t look like it though.

Weekend was nice, very picture postcardish. Fine light snow fell with calm to light winds for the most part. Temperatures up to -10
Yesterday the wind came up a bit taking the edge of the postcardish look but still nice nonetheless.

The voting continues on the JHMS, no not that JHMS this one entry in the MyParksPass video contest, all be it at a slower pace.
JHMS votes are still at a higher rate than all other entries. Total votes cast over the weekend for the #1 entry totaled 126 [2960 total] compared to the #2 entries 25 [714 total].

No word or Spot me updates from Noah Nochasak/Jerry Kobalenkos walk to George River in Northern Quebec.
Prior to Noah leaving he told his Facebook friends the spot me was set and he would sent updates to Facebook. 

I have no doubt they are OK, Noah's father would be keeping an eagle eye on things.  It is just my gut feeling the lack of updates are more to do with Noah's walking partner that Noah himself.

Their personalities are quite different and their reasons for doing these challenging exploits are exact opposites also IMO.

Update: Noah and Co are OK, they are in the area of Long Pond up in the height of land [ball park 80 K from Nain], about 100 more K to the George River then they turn right.
There is word that the spot me was not working and they have a replacement, we shall wait and see.

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