Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Carter is going to be a heart breaker if he keeps this look going forward.

His face rash keeps coming back, mom and dad are trying everything to clear it up, the latest is a powder that seems to have dried it up but we will see. Not much use trying to see a specialist according to this report, a year long wait list. 

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Original photo by Patty Gear, edit by Nain Bay.

The forecast is looking good, big orange balls and temps in the - high teens and low twenties. All the joints being oiled I foresee some nice crunchy walking ahead.

Not so fortunate for those down on the Island, I usually take the piss out of townies, but watching the images of the latest big storm to hit there I will refrain from that. Just be thankful that I do not live in a city in Eastern Canada, or any city if truth be known.  

An update on the missing boy in Makkovik, I hope that things take a turn for the positive.

Update: The young boys body has been found south of Makkovik.  Darn, city's have traffic accidents and other violent human induced deaths, the north has nature to deal with.


Table Mountains said...

I was hoping for a good outcome once they said his tracks led away from the water and snowmobile. Apparently it was not.

Shammickite said...

My heart goes out to the family of that 14 year old. How tragic.

Meanwhile.... oooo that Carter is so cute!

Brian said...

Very tragic ending indeed. Did not know the family but non the less with all that is going on it hits hard.