Saturday, October 20, 2012

We did a spot of shopping on Water St yesterday morning, or rather Fran did and dragged me into half the touristy shops in town.

We stopped for a coffee in Atlantic Place and Fran ran into a lady she had not seen for many years, so a brief catch up.

The afternoon saw us out at a Dominion store where I did partake in some shopping, but not as much as I would have liked.

 After that a nice walk in Bowring Park before back and another nice meal prepared by our lovely and kind hosts for the past three days.

We leave for Goose Bay this afternoon, it has been nice to feted and to spend some time here, despite all the cheap shopping and meeting great people I still feel more at home and comfortable in the far reaches of Nunatsiavut.

 That *non Rev* I mentioned from PAL for shipping two packages home, well they have arrived already.

Stephanie must be right proud of her mom because she has opened the package with Frans O.N.L. certificate and put a picture up on face book. The excuse for opening it was *to check* to see if PAL had broken it or not.


bob wormington said...

Brian I bet your glad to be home after your week of traveling.
Congatulations to Fran on Her receiving her award.Very impressive it looks like you had a great week.I enjoyed the pictures of the proceedings.I take a particular intrest in Frans Nursing as my wife Diana is a retired Registered Nurse worked full time for 33 years.She's enjoying retirement now as am I.
Im sure winter will be in Nain soon so have fun.

Shammickite said...

nice photo of Fran. John Crosbie looks awfully thin.

Jose Luis Ocana said...

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Brian said...

Thanks Bob Fran connected with 8 of her nursing school buddies while out there, amazing how they all still fun times together after 40 odd years of life's ups and downs.

Crosbie is sure frail and unsteady on his feet, he retires soon from LG but word is he will miss the attention, wonder what he will get up to next.