Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Handsome devil g grandson Terrence and his mom and dad dropped in for a bit yesterday.
Hansom devil has a really polite way of getting his way, all you have to do is keep saying no until he goes ahead and does what he wanted in the first place. Unless of course the things he wanted are out of his reach, hence I win.

We had goose for dinner Sunday, with enough left overs for three on Monday.We have been beef free for over a week now, partly a silent boycott over the e coli fiasco and partly because or winter order of last year is depleted and there is only the local stores to purchase from, and the quality as a rule is not that great.

Which leads me to another dilemma, the shipping season is drawing to a close, I have not made our winter food order yet, main reason is the deals we used to get dont seem to be deals any longer, leaving aside the quality of the meats.
Then there is the uncertainty of the marine shipping, with only one vessel doing the work of two it is just one big unknown if and when your order will get to you.

I know many are thinking the same thing about the shipping, and unless you have the capacity to shop out in a large center, say at a Costco or some such I am not convinced any longer that we save money.

But the logistics of shopping at these large centers takes planning and money for travel etc, at least for the average Jane and Joe. Those with government funded travel can avail, but the rest of us have to prevail.

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