Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Cultural center part 5

The initial ground work continues to ground groan along.

Work shut down again for several days now. This work is the installation of water and sewer lines from the road down to the site. The work pictured in first photo was started several weeks ago (when I took the picture) before the pipes were joined to the main.

After the pipes were installed I was a little puzzled why they looked so small, diameter wise.

I subsequently learnt that the two sewer pipes running to the site were only one and a half inch, bit on the small side I thought but was informed that the pipes run down to a pumping station  (yet to be installed) so that may explain the anomaly.

The drop from the road to the site as about 8 meters so it is a ways to pump what must be slurry judging by the pipe diameter.

The bottom two pictures are of the site and pipes as of Yesterday, a foggy light misty rain sort of day indeed.

I'm still shaking my head after listening to an interview on CBC Labrador Morning yesterday.

The interviewee is a guy from Bermuda and Florida who is a part of a modular home construction company.

Now the homes may well be a bright idea and according to buddy they have instalated insulation in the 10 inch walls and according to this article they sure are colorful..

But there seems to be something missing in the interview, like the cost of building and shipping the homes from Florida versus the cost of building them a little closer to home.

One thing is for sure there is never anything boring or mundane about the way Innu leadership in Labrador go about their business.

Not all Australians are idiots, but you would have a hard time convincing many of that after reading about these IDIOTS who were abusing cruising the North West Passage recently.

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