Saturday, October 27, 2012

My pictures of pizzas before and after caused some chatter on Facebook, so I superimposed them over multi grain dough I used. Not all the dough mind you, just what was left over after 12 baguettes.

One wag wanted to know what the yellow strips were, bloody cheese snobs who have access to white aged cheddar drive ya eh. Then another mentioned El Greco pizza of Goose Bay in the same sentence as my pizzas.
I offered to make one next time they are in Nain. No one can say I'm not a pizza snob.

Now this news brief states the bloody obvious. Anyone with half a brain and with a minimum of observations skills would know Inuktitut is in bad shape among the Labrador Inuit.

People can say what they like about the Innu of Labrador, but they cant criticize their zeal and dedication in retaining their language.

Inuktitut is in bad shape not because of the dedication of a very small group (mostly older folk) who work hard within skills sets in language to retain and promote the language. But their limited political skill sets are a set back, or rather their Inukness is a set back in this white mans way controlled government.

No, Inuktitut is in bad shape because the elected members and the civil service responsible for culture within Nunatsiavut Government do not put enough emphasis on enshrining and protecting Inuktitut under the self government regulations.

If half the time put into promoting tourism and building the proposed so called Cultural Center was put into language then perhaps things can turn around.

Whats the use of a Cultural Center if the language goes out with the first high tide.

I am not sure if this is a given or not, but word is that we are stepping back in time yet again in the marine shipping file on the north coast of Labrador. Dont get me wrong, any help the lone ship can get at this late stage is a godsend, maybe it is the work of the new minister for WST, or maybe something has been in the works for some time.

But anyway word is the mv Trans Gulf may step in to help get freight to the coast in what is left of the shipping season.
The Trans Gulf has worked the coast before, it was taken off because it was not suitable for our needs, but now beggars cant be choosers can we. Why we are beggars in this day and age continues to be a  conundrum for many.

While we are at it, the mv Astron had some mechanical difficulties in one of the ports on its latest run up the coast, two old burnt out vessels is better than one eh.


Shammickite said...

Are there any lessons taught in Inuktitut in the schools, or in any after school programs?

Brian said...

There is a voluntary Inuktitut immersion class in the the early grades, then converts over to English only around grade 3 or 4.
There are Inuktitut periods from then on, but unless it is spoken at home it seems difficult to retain in this modern techno savvy age.
No after school classes, some have been tried at times for adults but usually the funding runs out or the enthusiasm does.

Sabrina said...

Great post! I appreciate your honestly! Haven't visted in a while and I mistakenly thought the cheese was yellow peppers (pre-bake). Send my best to those back home that care!