Friday, October 12, 2012

Rain and then very windy in Goose Bay last evening and early morning.

So in keeping with the weather I shall write something about a guy who is most likely the biggest buffoon the province has ever had in the WST portfolio. If he is not a buffoon the the rest of us must be clowns.

I speak of course of Tom Hedderson, minister for Works Services and Transport.

He was interviewed on CBCHV-GB about the situation with the Northern Ranger again this week. Tom Boy is either miss informed by WST staff, incapable of telling the truth, or has a leaning disability. My pick would be a combination of the first two.

How he can say with a straight face that the Ranger has been maintain to the highest standards is just plain and simply incorrect. As I have mentioned before, just pull the maintenance records, or interview former crew or ask any one on the coast about the dozens of mechanical breakdowns over the last ten years.

Why Tom Boy has not been taken to task by local politicians is very troubling for what little democratic process remains.
In this sham of a democracy we live in everybody is too busy covering their own arse for personal reasons rather than getting up and speaking in defense of the people who voted them in.

In the remainder of the interview Tom Boy shows little concern for the plight of the people of the coast, it is all just the same oh rhetoric that Tom Boy thinks he is good at.

The fact that Tom Boy maintains that the *boat planes* are carrying passengers at levels similar to historical levels of the R|anger is another nose enlarger. A closer inspection would tell them that passenger levels are up on the *boat plane* over the more traditional boat boat mode of marine travel. But I doubt that anyone involved with this fiasco would admit to that.

Then Tom Boy says a doozie, he claims that the Sir Robert Bond was not used to move backed up freight at the end of the season, the year of 2011. That Tom Boy is a lie, there is just no other way to put it given all your other lies and half truths and incompetence on this WST file.

Then he goes on to say that the Ranger is out for the rest of the season, now this I believed.

Then to muddy that water there is an interview that CKOK did with a spokesperson for CAI-Nunatsiavut.

That spokesperson has the Ranger coming back on line in a few weeks or less.

Updated with corrections from CKOK radio on speculation when the Ranger will be back in service. . 

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