Thursday, October 18, 2012

Did a run out to Cape Spear for some fresh air, our driver minder reminded us to open the door and hold onto it tightly cause it might blow off its hinges.

OK so it was not that bad but I can imagine it could be.

Prior to that we took a run out to the big box store area, yuk city. But we had a mission as I was looking for a new printer fax copier, my old ones had conked out. Found one on sale at Bestbuy but they dont do mail orders. So I took it anyway with intentions of mailing it, but then our driver minder suggested we head on over to Provincial Airways as it was in the area.

Good idea, and we had Frans rather large boxed up O.N.L framed certificate so we could send that at the same time.

When we mentioned that the freight was going to Nain buddy behind the counter asked if I minded if he opened the packages and inspect them. Silly question really as he had his box cutter in hand and walking to packages before I could answer.

I thought this strange so had a couple of joking like comments, but he and the lady behind counter took it all and said it is Transport Canada Regs yada yada.

Then our driver minder said be careful with that brown one as it is for a special person, this lady was just awarded the O.N.L. and the thing in there proves it. I pointed to the address label to show him the O.N.L after Frans name.

So after a bit more tooling around and buddy filling out the bill of lading I pulled out my debit card to pay. Buddy says put that away, we will send them non rev (non revenue).

Must say we were all surprised, pleasantly so, I shook buddy's hand and we took our leave. Heading for the car I mentioned that that was the first privilege under the new O.N.L that Fran had received.

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Shammickite said...

And may she recieeve many more honours!!!
When I go to St Johns, I go to Cape Spear as soon as I can, sometimes the same day as I arrive. I love that scenery. Spectacular. I've been to a couple of evening concerts out by the big gun emplacements, you can hear the music and the sea at the same time.