Saturday, October 06, 2012

Some aquatic action in Hopedale Harbor yesterday.

What appears to be a young beluga whale stopped by to entertain the locals. Amazing how belugas are so friendly and inquisitive.

If it had of been a few miles outside the harbor (muktuk any one?)

One  (of the many) nieces Teri gave permission to use some of her photos.

You may remember my little blurb on the travails of Long Dicks Sausage Emporium a little while ago.

Seems others have been keeping an eye on Long Dick as well. Some Twitter tweeted that "it is your move Long Dicks Sausage Emporium" with this photograph attached.

Ouch, this could get awkward.

The fall coolness sure hit hard yesterday, brisk in wind put the shivers up the body.


Robyn Holwell said...

Could be the same whale that was in Cartwright around this time last year perhaps.

Sean Lyall said...

If it was in Nain we would have shot it and ate it. Didn't their Mom's ever tell 'em not to play with food.

Brian said...

Not sure Robyn, but if it was in Nain last year it would not be anywhere but a gastronomic memory according to some.

Some who me thinks maybe over partake in the blood of the Little Penguin.