Monday, October 29, 2012

I'm back on the beef after a respite of several weeks. Well ground beef, ground myself from stewing beef.

Made up couple meat loafs, some for last night, some for sandwiches and maybe freezing. 

Rather a warm balmy weekend, nice for walking and going off in boat, which many did. yesterdays high and low of 5.8 and 3.2 respectively is at odds with the norms of 0 and -6 respectively.

There were some troublesome loose dogs around yesterday, couple little crackies that were very aggressive with other dogs. Noticed them giving one dog hell just up the road yesterday afternoon. They did not come near us when out, just other vulnerable dogs.

Then this morning (via Facebook) I find out that a small dog was mauled to death by some strays. Wonder if it was the same bunch I had noticed.

The relief dog catcher was riding around Saturday but did not notice him Yesterday. Some people seem more concerned in giving dog owners with well behaved and controlled dogs hell rather than looking where the aggression is.

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bob wormington said...

Your meatloafs look great I'm going to do the same thing.Were preparing for Hurrician Sandy's possible effects.I have all my propane stuff working well in case of power outages extra water and sleeping bags the library is in my plans for a couple books.
So let it blow were ready for a couple of rainy,windy romantic days ha ha just my wife and our trusty Boston Terrier (who thinks she's a black lab.
Bob W