Thursday, October 04, 2012

I'm loving this Puerto Rico coffee shop more and more.

Monday morning I received an e mail from them stating that my coffee order was at the post office ready for pick up.

Not a notification from the shipper not the post office, but from the Puerto Rico coffee shop itself. Now does that not beat all, it sure as hell beats any service that the majority of Canadian companies provide.

Just wish I could use them more ofter, it will take some tine to go through the 5lb of beans.

I dont have an urgent urge for any meals including beef at the moment, so steering away from it for awhile.

Used up most of the locally harvested scallops last night, plain fried in pork fat for Fran and fried with olive oil onion, garlic served on buckwheat Chinese noodles with parmigiano on top for me.

I'm pleased to announce that I did not watch the US presidential debate last evening, nor will I be watching the subsequent debates. Truth be known I never watch political debates, unless I am completely bored out of my skull.

If a reasonable person with reasonable comprehension skill cant make up there mind on who, or what party best represents their ideology or what is best for the country they live in long before these debates than woe be tide all of us.

The debates are just a bloody circus.   


Darren Robertson said...

Good for you. There is no real choice in this years election anyway. I suppose the devil you know beats the terrible agenda that represents the challenger this year. But all and all, this is probably one of the worst election choices I can recall.

Anonymous said...

Hey yuse got the coffee and we have none....may need to mail order some like you...good stuff eh! we're off of Nova Scotia now back in Maine tomorrow 6800 miles later. Best to Fran and those tuk tuk tounges look fine,,,I prefer hot though