Sunday, October 21, 2012

Back in Goose Bay: Carter bear very busy with his toys and looks cute (as usual) and different with his hair cut.

Our parting breakfast in St.Johns included bagels, cream cheese, smoked salmon, red onions and tomatoes with scrambled eggs. Bagels we picked up (in Smart car) from the George Town bakery.

We both had a ride in the Smart car, though one at a time.
For town driving to work and shops this car makes perfect sense.Why pay 30 plus bucks for one weeks gas in a large gas guzzler when you can pay 30 bucks for gas every three weeks.

One of our unfulfilled objectives in St.Johns was to have a feed of oysters. Now I did try to book a table at a couple of the very few restaurants that serve them, though I must admit my enthusiasm at seeking a table at a reasonable hour was some what dampened by the $40:00 a dozen charge.
We did have several plats of fresh mussels and some good feeds of fish, one of which was a fine meal of halibut with green sauce at our hosts (for three days) table.

Any way back to oysters, seems word got out about our fondness for oysters, a long time friend of Frans and her family offered to drive us to the airport Saturday morning, they arrived with some fresh malpeque oysters  in the shell.
After some hurried packing in a box with freezer battles we were off to airport. Now most would be intimidated by airline check in people and airport security while trying to check fresh oysters packed with freezer gel packs, not Frans long time friend.

In short order she had them taped, checked in and after personally carrying them in behind the security area onto the plane.
Not sure if it was coincidental or not but the oysters were the first thing onto the conveyer belt at Goose Bay.

Half hour after we arrived at Carter bears I had them opened and consumed, large succulent morsels of decadence.


Shammickite said...

you should have seen if Provincial Airlines would extend the free shipping to a Smart car. You'd be the talk of Nain cruising around in that!
Not sure if I like oysters or not.... never had to opportunity to try them.

Darren Robertson said...

Well done on the oysters Brian! I too would have gone to extreme measures to get them on the aircraft. Glad you all had a good trip.