Friday, October 05, 2012

Feeling queeze about eating beef of late? me too.

The Harper government claims to have hired 700 new food inspectors since they came to power.
Sounds good until you hear the guy who represents meat inspectors ( inspectors in the slaughter house and primary producing section of the meat processing unit where the e coli infection arises), he has not seen any new inspectors there.

 The claimed 700 are in other sectors of the food industry spread all across Canada.

I have been wary of beef since the two dodgy packets of ground beef we had about a month ago. I'm not saying they were related to this e coli recall, most likely it was local beef, for sure a Newfoundland processor.

The whole affair makes one re think about what we are eating and how vulnerable we are to this giant agri business that produces a large percentage of our foods these days. What we dont need is for government to insist on less regulations and self regulations. When it come to peoples health and lives more is less.

So I cooked up the last of the caribou tongues yesterday, very tasty indeed, just love them cold too.

 Pity the caribou are in a major decline situation in Labrador.

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