Tuesday, October 30, 2012

I am wishing all my friends down in the path of Sandy safe tidings.

Cooler day, + 6 but in wind made it feel cooler yesterday, but warm trend hit again last evening, +3 and light winds this morning.

Update on a scrape or should I say Pissing match between two executives of companies within the Nunatsiavut Group of Companies.

Being part of the one company, and being professionals, one would think a more amicable approach to this taking off of a plane from a marine dock could have been worked out before hand. 

But no, people get set in their ways and rules are bent at times. I have no inside knowledge of what was said and by whom to whom before and during or after the plane took off, but reading between the words I suspect there is some bad blood between the Air Labrador executive and a person within CIA Nunatsiavut who is not the Manager in the incident.

Now if we here in Nain had been standing down at the edge of the airstrip as close as these people were during the take off last Friday I dare say cops would have been called, and most likely the pilot would have had something to say to us.

I know it is a 20 year tradition but it looks to me like  there are rules for some and rules for others. 


Anonymous said...

I heard a funny comment about the fight over the dock space I just had to share.

"They might as well use the dock for an airstrip, they don't have a boat to use it"

Darren Robertson said...

I am sure the Canada Federales in charge of Aviation may well as have a thing or two to say when they get wind of it. Twotter or not. That ain't an approved airstrip. I'm sure for excellent reasons too.

hopewellwoodwork said...

Thanks Brian, all well here, a "bit" of wind as you'd say - 60 mph gusts, rain and otherwise nasty, but those on the coast fared far worse.