Monday, October 15, 2012

Fran and her nursing school buddies.

Pity the sun played havoc with the light and causes a game of musical chairs as it moved across the sky. But it was good of them to come in and see Fran, some had to drive some hours too.

One of the buddies took Fran shopping after the brunch, will have pictures of the results later.

Last evening we took a stroll along the almost deserted streets of St. Johns.

Stopped in at the Duke of Duckworth for some OVB 1892 and to continued on with my quest to discover who has the finest fish n chips in this city.

I had already tried the fish here at the hotel in Rumplestilskins. It was fair and passable. Now to see if the Duke was up to its reputation.

The Dukes fish flesh was white, moist, delicate to the touch and  barely held together as the fork lifted to the mouth, this is a good sign of its freshness.
The taste test was one of pure enjoyment with the batter being light and crispy and barley holding the flesh together.
It was crisp to the touch but almost melted in the mouth.

Id say it was up there with the best battered fish I have had here. Of course non compare to fish n chips back in Australia were the choice of fish in batter can be come overwhelming, but the battered flat head has to be one to beat I would think, 

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Pamela Williams said...

Yep, flathead sure is good when caught fresh, battered and fried, with good thick, cut twice cooked, chips. Yummo