Thursday, October 25, 2012

Nice to be back in familiar surrounds and sounds. We left GB an hour late, word was that Wx was marginal, we traveled in the clouds most of way until just south of Nain then the ceiling was couple thousand feet, no trouble landing.

I was a little uneasy I must admit, there were two people on the plane who had spent 4 hours flying around yesterday heading for Hopedale, they ended up back in GB after couple unsuccessful attempts at landing in couple communities.

Only five of us on the plane, three for Nain and the two for Hopedale, rest was freight, two boxes for us that we shipped yesterday.The plane filled up here with people for Nain and Natuashish, volley ball players from a weekend tournament.

Then we had call that the freight we shipped this morning would be here at 4:30. Some times things work out nicely some times they dont. 

Now to play catch up with many things.


Shammickite said...

Was Siutik pleased to see you?

Brian said...

Ya gotta know she was.