Thursday, October 11, 2012

Our plane arrived an hour late but the trip south was smooth (except for the usual bumps over Grand Lake) and for the most part below the clouds. 6 on board plus a rescued dog whose crate would not fit into the baggage cargo door.

This dog is luckier than the pup found stuck in mud along the shore, it was pulled out but was under intensive care at the local dog rescuers place, hope he makes it.

Carter bear was at the new terminal to greet us, I did not get a chance to look around the terminal but it sure is much larger than the old and lots of natural light.

Carter bear had some fun at the playground and is sticking to Grandma like glue, we eat out at Maxwell's, in the evening, took all sorts of toys to distract Carter Bear, but Grandma came up with the ultimate distractor, an old envelope and a pen, he drew all out and would not let dad interfere.

Maxwell's was packed by the time we finished, anyone wanting to come to Goose Bay for a gastronomic experience, forgetaboutit.

All the eating establishments in Goose Bay are on a par, and the bar is set low.
At times in the past Maxwell's had some good dishes and the cooks paid attention to presentation, well the dishes are still on the menu but the cook is the pits, everything over cooked and no attention at all to presentation.

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