Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Leaving for home this afternoon, all things and Wx (weather) being equal and allowing.

Even before we get there we know there is no milk in town, young mothers are begging and borrowing from others to feed their children some body building milk.

There is some GranPre expired last February milk, it is discounted but I would not feed that to a dog, goes right off as soon as you open it.

The roads should not be that dusty what with the weather we are having, one thing I have learn't getting around Goose Bay is that the roads may not be dusty here but they are just as bumpy and rough for driving. 

Of course the foods will be more expensive at home, we all know and expect that and all know and expect that nothing will be done about it even if much of the excessive expense is on the backs of the less fortunate and the disenfranchised.

Even with all the negatives there are way more positive to living in remote communities to my mind.

Regular power outages are a big issue in Goose Bay (along with inadequate internet service and many other issues), just had one for half hour and on our way out to sin jawns had one for several hours. But lo n behold the water goes off when power goes off.
Guess all those pumping stations around town don't have back up power source.
 But it is OK, the mayor and some councilors and at least one staff are on the job promoting and in conflicts of interest from benefiting from the proposed Muskrat Falls development.

Still at Goose airport waiting to leave for home. Plane landed back from coast half hour late, gone over to pick up freight then back to pick us up I hope, still don't know why ground crew cant inform passengers of these delays, some things don't change eh Nunatsiavut Group of Companies and Air Labrador?

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