Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Nice little chicken meal last evening.

Herbed roasted chicken, stir fried vegetables with potato dumplings in a mushroom celery sauce.

 I am always on edge when cooking dumplings dough-boys Fran being a conasuir of hard dough boys like her mom made.

Though the insistence on hard seems to be softening and softer fluffy ones dont receive the same disdain any longer, Fran actually liked the potatoes dumplings.

Finished off with a nice moist red berry carrot cake in a pool of cream.

Everything in moderation eh?

After a weather delay a ceremony to recognize a local guys dedication to his community took place yesterday afternoon.

Rod Pilgrim received the Queens Jubilee Award, a well deserved honor. Rod is the go to guy for almost anything that needs fixing in the mechanical, electrical, furnace area, even boat captains seek Rod out.

Later: I thought it would difficult to find a stunder minister than the former minister for Works Service and Transport, but I was wrong.

This McGrath guy is way stunder than anyone could imagine. "We just wanted to invite people, stakeholders that will be affected by the development of the project," 

I think that is code for "people who will benefit personally and financially from the project".


Shammickite said...

Did you get some new plates?

Brian said...

Sunday best plates, dont use them that ofter.
Our surprise care package is here but not delivered yet.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to Rod Pilgrim. A fine , skilled and generous gentleman. Nain is fortunate to have him......and we aboard the Wanderbird were privelaged and thankful to have his help.