Thursday, January 12, 2012

Yeeew, down into the -40's today, -42 being the lowest so far. As time passes I find i have less tolerance for this weather, -20 with no wind is ideal, but this is the pits.

There was a time when we had three ski doos, one [550cc Ski doo] was work related, a 440cc ski doo and a Yamaha bravo.
One of my tasks was to go out in the mornings and start them up to warm up the engines. No easy task at times as all ski doos have there own temperaments.

One morning sticks in my memory, it was -60 wind chill, that is minus sixty. Within seconds of going out my face was frozen and by the time I got back inside it was almost frozen solid, hands were painfull to as the frost withdrew from them.
But I did get all three machines going.

Seems many are having trouble with stating and keeping their machines going in this weather. Particularly bothersome are the some of the four strike models, some have water coolants and engine block heaters. For our weather and for the logistics of getting machines serviced [computers and the like] the old 2 stroke engine with a minimal of gizmos is the way to go.

I hear that there is also a lot of chatter about the new caribou hunting restrictions. Some sensible chatter and some not all that clever. Why insist on you aboriginal rights when a certain species is at risk. One bothersome argument is: "if they have a three animal limit per household over in George River why cant we have three". If these people just took a moment to think about the possible whys then it would save some aggravation.

I found this muscle mussel over brain story interesting, the poor old navy cant seem to catch a break, except when a ship leaves for deployment overseas most of the stories seem to be in the negative. They sure do throw good many after bad in many instances.

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Anything with a minus is the pits!