Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Nice crisp January Labrador morning, in the mid to high minus teens.

In a fellow up to the recent Narwhal harvest  there is this brief from CKOK. It would have been nice to hear how the person was chosen to keep the tusk, after all there were many out there helping.

Contrast that with this little ditty from down in Vermont. We have been down that way a couple of time, some purty part of the country with many wild and wooden places.
With the school authority insisting on shutting down information and any public debate it is hard to say who is right. But it does seem that hunting is part of the culture down there and it would seem that hunting would be an important part of 'life skills' training.


Sean Lyall said...

Could be one of a few ways, Youngest hunter in group encouraged to engage first, or whomever engages first. Depends on situation.

Table Mountains said...

When you hear Teacher/Student stories nowadays it's usually of a sexual nature. I myself being a hunter would just say,"I would not make a judgement on this one simply because I was not there at the time."