Saturday, January 28, 2012

Its as quite as the grave out there now. 

Not so bloody quite from about 1 to 3 am though.Dumb ass people driving around and around on ski doos. Not going anywhere just annoying people trying to sleep. According to Facebook lots of people upset with gas being stolen from machines, complaints about private property being damaged and the like.

Will anything be done about it? Not likely.

As you can see I took a large first bite out of my bagel, cream cheese, smoked char, green onion with beer chaser.

 I have been following a growing problem of loitering and open drug dealing up in Iqaluit on tweeter for some time.
People hang around the entrance to two stores up there. Being so far away it was difficult to get a true handle on what was going on, but it seemed to me the people who had authority were just shrigging their shoulders and not dealing with it.

That seems to be changing as this story points out. If the homeless are the main culprits then shame on the authorities for letting it get this bad. If drug dealers are the main culprits then shame on the cops.


MargaretJ said...

Now *that* is comfort food. The only time I ever say arctic char in the Boston area, it was selling for $18/lb. I've had it in restaurants in Nova Scotia. I could jump right into the screen and eat that!

Sabrina said...

Meal looks delicious, missing smoked char over this way! As for IQ story, from my perspective, there are scarier places than the groceries stores and can't say I've noticed many "transactions" with exception of ppl asking for change...same as any city....perspective does make a difference here for sure!

Sabrina said...

Just to follow my last comment, to be honest, I'm more concerned about my son going to playgroup (bullying type stuff) than I am taking him to the grocery store, with the exception of placement of candy which every kid wants on the way out the door;) Again, perspective right?!